Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Last Week at the MTC

Wow. This past week has been insane. And full of miracles. On Thursday, I auditioned to sing at one of the firesides that we have at the MTC. I had some sheet music left over of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" from when I accompanied some of the members of my zone. This time though, I was doing a vocal solo. It was crazy. I auditioned in front of the MTC presidency's wives, and when I finished, the MTC president's wife came up to me and said, "You are in our yes pile, and we will try to get you a performance. But first, a HAIRCUT." My companion and I had actually scheduled one for the next day, so it wasn't a problem. Anyway, the performance that I got scheduled for was on Sunday for one of the Farewell Devotionals. It was crazy! Getting that notification was incredible, because the sister accompanying me, Hermana Leonard, ran up and said, "Elder Weenig! We made it! We are performing!" It was great! But as the performance got closer, I started to get more and more worried, because I had an awful cough that would not go away. My friend here, his dad is CEO of Doterra and gave me some cough medicine oils (which helped a lot), had some cough medicine, and consumed an entire package of cough drops, but after all that I still had a pretty bad cough. Just before the performance, I prayed, asking just to be able to perform at my best. I was really nervous, but was able to sing. God really does answer prayers, I was able to do my best, and I really owe it all to Him. 

Along with the notification that we would be performing, I got another great notification: my VISA has come through! YES! I met with the consulate on Monday, and got to meet with a lot of missionaries heading to Malaga. I cannot wait, it will be awesome. We leave Monday and fly to NYC for a layover, and then onto Paris. We wait in Paris for about three hours before going to MALAGA! I honestly cannot believe it came through. My travel group only consists of three people: a hermana, me, and Elder Fillmore, the other missionary who came with me to the airport. We are really excited to finally get to Spain. And have double checked that we won't be turned back once we get to the airport. :) 

Crazy, crazy week. But awesome. We have been getting ready to head out. We've gotten to teach over Skype, which actually was amazing. Our investigator couldn't do it during the assigned time, so we had to come back after all of our district had finished. So fun- I love teaching. We actually had a really cool experience waiting for the bus to take us from Main Campus back to West Campus. I saw a man sitting on the bench nearby us and kept having this prompting to go and talk to him. I waited for a little while, but then funnily enough, the second I started to talk to him, one of my friends in my district started at the same time. We talked with him for a few minutes, about how he was doing, and eventually started talking about the church. He is a Protestant, and is from NYC. I wanted to give him a Book of Mormon, but when I asked, he said he already had one. Our bus started to pull up right about then, so I told him that the Book of Mormon was amazing and that he should definitely read it. I don't know if he will take it to heart, but it is all about planting seeds. Hopefully sometime in the future, he will read it. On the bus, we were really excited about it, because it was our first time ever talking to someone we for sure knew was a potential investigator. It was great. :)

Anyway, the MTC is hard. Crazy awesome, but still very hard. The Spanish is coming along great- my companion and I start laughing sometimes when we mix up languages. It is such a great experience. BUT I cannot wait to have real food. And I cannot wait to get to Spain. I already have fallen in love with the country, just from hearing about it. I cannot wait to get over there and to get started telling everyone and everything about the Gospel. 

Anyway, I hope everything is going great with you all, remember that God really does care about and wants to hear from each of us, no matter how silly or ridiculous the problem may seem. He wants to help us! And I think that that is one of the best messages we can give, is that we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants to help us. 

Thank you all for all of the love, support, and letters. 

Love, Elder Weenig
Spain MALAGA missionaries. My travel groups is the Hermana on the far left, me, and the elder on the right. The other two Hermanas haven't entered the MTC yet, they will be going to the Madrid MTC.

Our District

Elders Lavery and Stirling. Two of the best missionaries I know.

The zone leaders with the Sister Training Leaders. We tried to take a serious picture and it didn't really work out. :)

Brother Rasmussen (my teacher)

West campus missionaries that are leaving on Monday for Spain.

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