Monday, March 9, 2015

Let´s Get Down to Business...

What a week.  We´ve been working hard and I love it. My new companion is named Elder Holman. He is very, very enthusiastic about working. He´s great. He´s from Salt Lake City, Utah. He speaks Spanish well. We met for the first time on Tuesday, in the Málaga chapel. Our mission, when new missionaries come in, has what´s called a sorting ceremony, or a moment when the new missionary is called up, and the trainer is announced for that missionary and we point out where our area is on the map. So, I was sitting up on the stand, wondering which of the new missionaries would be my companion, and slowly but surely watched all of the other trainers go up and receive their companions. Eventually, I was left up on the stand all by myself. I couldn't see the remaining missionary because there was a white board in the way. Anyway, President calls his name, and then I get called up. It´s funny because that was the exact same thing that happened when I first met my trainer, getting called up last. It was a really fun experience.

Anyway, training. is a cool experience. It´s definitely a new one. I´m still getting used to it, but I really, really enjoy it. We´re seeing some amazing miracles. For example, last Wednesday, we were working and we decided to go and see how a lady was doing with whom we´d left a Book of Mormon. She hadn´t been home the last few times that we had passed by her house. AMAZING. We walk into her house, and we sit down. She looks up at us and says that she has been reading the Book of Mormon. She told us that if she felt that it was the truth, not only would she be baptized, but she would go and tell her pastor at her church that it was the word of God, She would tell EVERYONE that it was the word of God. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. She started to get teary eyed and then committed to baptism. She has so much faith in God. It´s admirable. 

Pepe. Pepe is amazing. Enough said. He has so much faith. He´s progressing so well. Every time we go and visit him, he tells us how much he wants to get baptized in our church. It´s such a sacrifice for him to come to church, because it´s about an hour away. But he comes. He has come twice. He is amazing. Every time we go and visit him, we come out feeling so much better than we did going in. I don´t think I ever told you how we found him. We were working out on the streets one day, and we saw a man walking down the street. We decided to stop him, and talk with him, and he accepted for us to come to his house. He gave us the number on the house, and told us that we could come by anytime. When we got to the number on the street, we found out that it was an apartment building with a lot of doors, and he hadn´t given us a floor number. We thought of just giving up, and not bothering to look for him, but we decided to go and ask around. We knocked the first door, who told us there was a Pepe that lived on the third floor. We went there, and they told us there was a Pepe that lived on the fifth floor. The fifth floor Pepe wasn´t our guy  either, but he told us that he thought on the bottom floor there was a Pepe. We decided to just knock it on our way out, and Pepe was there! He let us in, and we started to teach him. What a guy. What a miracle. I am so grateful everyday that we have had the opportunity to meet with him. 

We just got back from Gibraltar where the members there gave us fondue and melted cheese meat things. I think it has a fancy name, but I can´t remember what it is. It was a great experience. I love it out here. I love being a missionary. Sometimes things can be very hard, but when God calls, he also qualifies.  Ah. I love it here. It´s finally starting to warm up. Sorry it took me so long to get pictures to you. But hey, monkeys. They aren´t the best investigators, but they are pretty fantastic. 

It´s a great day to be a missionary :)

Elder Weenig

  A very unreceptive investigator

In front of the Pillars of Gibraltar. Also known as the Pillars of  Hercules. These were known as the end of the known world. Gibraltar was given to the British as a result of the War of Spanish Succession in a part of the Treaty of  Utretch. 

Sorting ceremony.  My new companion, Elder Holman (Salt Lake City)

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