Monday, January 25, 2016


Alright,  I need to apologize for what happened last week, and I suppose the week before as well. I was using my iPad to write my email, but when I got close to wifi, I realized that my email had somehow been deleted. So, sorry about that.

Cool fact for the day: Santa Fe, the city where Jhizel lives was actually where Christopher Columbus met with the King and Queen of Spain to get finances to go to America. It really is, like one of our members told us, "The Cradle of Spain".

These past two weeks have flown by. I love being in Granada. I love our area and all of the people here. We've been able to see a lot of blessings. I want to share a really cool blessing that we were able to see. We have a member here named Araceli. She was in a store one day when she found herself with an old friend of the church, named Rosi. Rosi hasn't been to church in over 20 years, and Araceli was very happy to see her again. Unfortunately, she forgot to get her number to stay in contact with her. This is where we come in. We were looking through old teaching records, and we found Rosi's name. We gave her a call and set up an appointment with her. She lives in the same city as Araceli so we had decided to bring Araceli to help fellowship her. When we called Araceli, she was ecstatic. She told us that she had been praying for a way to come back in contact with Rosi. Yesterday we had a family night with them. It turned out very well, and she has a son that is nine years old and is not baptized. It was a cool demonstration for me that God answers prayers. It showed me that even the small little encounters that we have with people can have a lasting influence.

Jose Juan and Sandra are a couple that we met a few weeks ago. I think I may have mentioned them, but if not, Sandra is a lady from Chile who moved here and met Jose Juan. She also introduced him to the church, and he now has the goal to get baptized. He is progressing very well. We actually had an appointment with them on Tuesday, but got there very late because we needed to take a missionary to the emergency room. It was actually our second time to the emergency room this past week. The first now seems very funny, though in the moment was definitely not funny. We were eating at a member's house when their cat started to jump all around. We didn't think much of it until it started to bite Elder Black's arm. It actually broke skin, and while the marks didn't look like much, it is mission protocol to call the mission nurse if we get bit by a cat of any kind. So we called the mission nurse who immediately sent us to the hospital. We got there late and were there even later waiting for our spot. Anyway, every thing's alright, it turned out that Mariflor (the cat) was entirely harmless, and everything was fine.

We've been working very hard and we are seeing a lot of blessings. I really love being here in Granada.

It really is a great day to be a missionary.

Elder Weenig

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