Monday, October 27, 2014

A Week of Finding

This week has been amazing. A crazy, exhausting week, but we have seen so many miracles this week. This last week our mission had a goal to find new investigators, so my companion and I prayed hard and worked incredibly hard to be able to find new people to teach, which was something we needed. I am just amazed by what we've seen this last week. We received a reference from our Zone Leaders this week to meet with a man named Antonio. Antonio is amazing. In our first lesson with him, we challenged him to be baptized and he accepted. He will be baptized November 22. We are so excited, because that is one week after another one of our investigator's baptism, whose name is Tekki. She is ten years old, and I think I may have mentioned her in one of my previous emails. Both of them are just amazing. But that really was just the beginning of the miracles that we have seen this week.

I think the biggest miracle we had was finding a new family. This family is amazing, and their story that put them in contact with us is even more amazing. They used to live in Pleasant Grove, UT, but moved here because of VISA problems. They live in San Juan Playa, which is in our area, but outside of Alicante, so normally, we would have probably never have had the opportunity to meet them. So, story time about how we come in. We got a text message from the referral system from one day, and after having some of our appointments fall through one night, we decided to call them. When we called them, they were so happy, which in itself was a miracle because we never get that reaction on the phone. Then we set up a time to meet with them the next day, and when we went over, we talked for a very long time, and found out that they are some of the coolest people I know. They LOVE Utah. They love the culture and how kind and accepting everyone is there, and when they moved here, they wanted to have the same feeling. They mentioned that they missed the culture of Utah to one of their friends who was visiting them out here in Alicante, and this amazing, heaven sent friend thought, "Well, I know two guys who I am sure will bring the same sort of Spirit." and submitted the reference to :)  I've never met this friend, but I am so grateful for him. This family is amazing, we actually just went with them for an activity on p-day and they kept saying that they feel the same spirit that they did as they felt in Utah. Thanks to all of you who set examples for others. I cannot describe to you how big of an impact that it makes, keep it up! You may never know who you can impact, but if you are trying your hardest to follow our Savior, then that is what counts. You will make a difference if you try. That's all it takes. A little bit of effort and you will change lives! 

On Saturday, we had a Halloween party put on by the Sister Training Leaders of our Zone, and it was fantastic. We had so many people attend who got to know the church and were introduced to members of the church. Elder Flint and I ran the donut eating competition which was very, very entertaining.

This week has been great, it is Elder Flint's last, so I will get a new companion this week, whose name is Elder Sharp.

I cannot describe to you how grateful I am to have this opportunity to share the gospel, I love it so much. I really am just sorry that we only have two years to dedicate to the Lord. It really is the best two years because all we do is serve, all day, every day.  I love this opportunity. I know that Christ lives, and that He loves us. Keep it up. If you ever feel alone, remember that Christ is always there to help you through the trials of life, because He has been here before and knows us perfectly and how to help us.
Thank you for all of your love, support and prayers. It means a lot.


Elder Weenig
Halloween Party

One of the families that came to the party! They are awesome.

My kebaptism. It is pretty intense. Kebap is just this mysterious meat sandwich-tortilla thing that every missionary tries when they come out here.


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