Monday, November 3, 2014

First Transfer

Wow. The weeks fly by out here. We say a lot that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. I LOVE being a missionary. Everyday we get to go out and teach the people about how to be happy. How cool is that? We get to constantly try to help people. I love it.

This last week, Elder Flint finished his mission! I´m really proud of him, he was a great missionary and I´m sure that he will keep doing great things when he gets home. My new companion is Elder Sharp, who is a rockstar. He has been out in the mission for about a year and eight months.We have set a goal to work as hard as we can to try and work miracles here in Alicante. We know that the Lord works as hard as we do, so we have set goals to follow the schedule as closely as we can. 

This last week was tough with our investigators. For one reason or another, they couldn´t meet, or weren´t home when we got there. But the best part about it is, is that after difficulties and trials come the blessings! All we can do is consistently do the best that we can, and try and persevere even through extreme difficulty. 

One thing that I have felt in my life more than anything these past few weeks on the mission is the gift of tongues. I have such a testimony of that now. I prayed throughout the MTC and my whole time here to have the ability to speak the language enough to communicate, and I have seen the results. God really does care about us and will help us if we ask in faith. This is what started our church, someone asking for help from God. That is what is different about our religion. We believe in God´s continuing relationship with His children. He is the one that is going to help us in our times of need and the one who is going to always be there when we need help. All we have to do is ask in faith. Just ASK, it is all He wants from us and then he will make up the difference. I know that we are going to need that in order to bring souls to Christ here in Alicante. We really do need him every second, every minute of every hour of every day. We cannot go throughout this life without him.  I know that He lives, and that He loves us. If you ever feel down or need help, kneel and ask, and you will receive.

I love you all! Thank you for all of your support and love, and for this opportunity to be a missionary.

Elder Weenig
Elder Flint´s going home!

Spain is amazing. I am so blessed to be here.

The trainees and trainers. In the mission, your trainer is your mom or dad. The oldest Hermana in your district is your mom (for Elders) and District Leaders are dads (for Hermanas). So here is our happy little district family. 

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