Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's a Great Day to be a Missionary :)

Well, wow. I can't believe it is p-day again.  The weeks go by so, so, so fast. La Linea is great.

We work a lot through contacting here. We have two active member households in our area so we don't get many referrals. Actually, almost all our work comes from contacting, so it´s something we are becoming quite good at. Which is a blessing, I needed to improve my ability to contact people. I am starting to really enjoy it. We get to meet a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds. Today I got my haircut and the guy cutting my hair is from Morocco. As we talked, it turns out that someone had given him a Book of Mormon a long time ago. He doesn´t have it any more, so I asked if we could pass by and give him another. He said yes, and invited us over to have some kuz kuz (moroccan dish).

We work a lot with our branch president. He is a stud. We also have interviews with President Deere this week.

A cool miracle that happened this past week. We were walking through a park and a man shouted out ´´Elders!´´ We turned and saw a Brazilian guy walking towards us. He told us that he was here with his family and that they were looking for the church here in La Linea. We told them that there wasn´t one here, but there was one in Algeciras. He was really, really friendly and told us to pass by his house this coming week. We´re hoping that a miracle comes out of that relatively soon. 

We passed by the house of a contact that we got in the street the other day. He let us in, and was acting a little weird. We weren´t sure what was wrong, until we noticed that the cigarette he was smoking was marijuana. Gradually, as the lesson we were trying to share went on, sense left the conversation. Eventually, we just had to leave the house, and left him a pamphlet. It was an interesting lesson. 

We had a fantastic Saturday. We went to Algeciras to play soccer, and one of our investigators showed up! It was AWESOME. He plays really, really, well. It seems like almost all of the Spanish and Latin American people here can play soccer really well. I was way out of my league. But hey, it was fun. 

The area is moving slow but we will continue to work and work and pray that God will do the rest. President Deere told us not to be discourage and that we´re not doing the wrong things, we´re just haven´t done the right things long enough. It´s true. We just have to keep going. Keep doing the little things that will eventually bring about the results that we want. We can really do anything through Christ, and that´s something that I´m learning to treasure. The knowledge that we have someone who loves us. Regardless of how weak we are personally, He can make us strong. I am so, so very far from being a perfect missionary. That´s why I´m so glad that we have the opportunity to be better, and change. 

I love you all. You all are fantastic examples to me in my life. Thanks for all of the support and love that you have given me. 

It´s a great day to be a missionary!

Elder Weenig

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