Monday, April 13, 2015

Transfer Number Three in La Linea

I can´t believe we are emailing again. This week has flown by. Really, it just seems like we have been running from place to place. It has been very fun. I love La Línea and Gibraltar, the people here are amazing.

Transfer calls came this week. Drum roll please..... I will be.....staying in La Línea and Gibraltar! We were expecting it, because I will be finishing Elder Holman´s training, but the other two companionships in our district will be changing. I cannot believe it has been three months since I arrived in La Linea. it seems like just a couple of weeks ago. Ah, I love being a missionary. We had a senior couple come down from Rota, the American military base here in Spain. They gave us Mexican food. On the base, they get authentic American style food. Oh, sweet mercy it was good.

But really, time goes by too fast not to enjoy every moment in the mission. And speaking of time going fast, I don´t have much time.

So I want to start off talking about the biggest miracle that we have been able to see this week. As I have said in previous emails, getting people to church is our modern day parting of the Red Sea. Literally, it would be really nice just to part the bay of Algeciras so that our investigators could walk through on dry ground to the chapel. But, for now we are using the bus. This miracle may be lacking in Egyptians chasing after us on their chariots, but it really is no less powerful for us. Antonio, the man with whom we´d discussed baptism a couple of weeks ago somehow disappeared. We´d stopped by his house and had tried to put us back in contact with him, but we were consistently unsuccessful. We thought that he had moved or that something had happened to make him lose interest in the church. We really did not understand what had happened. we decided to put him as a backup plan to some of our other investigators that lived nearby. As we got to our appointment, the people told us to come back another day, so we looked into our backup plans. When we saw Antonio as our plan, I will be honest, I thought we were just going to walk by his house, and have nobody answer. Thankfully, God knows a LOT better than a 18 year old missionary, and is preparing His children. When we knocked on his door, Antonio answered. He welcomed us in, and had his Book of Mormon lying on the table. Such a miracle. He told us he had been very, very busy these past couple of weeks, and that he had been unable to meet, but that from here on out, he would be less busy. As it was Friday, we asked him if he would accompany us to church this Sunday. He told us that he would, but that he would probably have to buy some new shoes in order to look presentable. We told him that it did not matter and just to come in whatever he had. So Sunday morning, we get on the bus, and we get to Antonio´s stop. We watch a couple of people get on the bus, and lastly, ANTONIO!!! He came to church! I cannot tell you how happy I was to see him, Book of Mormon in hand wearing his nicely polished shoes walking down the aisle in the bus. BAH!! I´m pretty sure I was jumping up and down in my seat, so although it was not the most professional show of missionary work, it was definitely God showing his hand in the work. He loved church, and has told us that he will be coming back the next week. So amazing. 

Do you remember how I told you about the family night that we do in Gibraltar every week? Well, this last week, our two Gibraltarian members were in Sevilla taking a vacation. They told us, however, that they really wanted us to use their apartment to hold the family night in order to keep the momentum going. They gave us the keys, and told us that they would leave everything ready for us. When we were walking over to Gibraltar from La  Línea, a plane was taking off. To walk to Gibraltar, you have to cross a airplane ramp where planes take off periodically throughout the day. We had to wait there and as we did, we ended up being late for the Family night. When we got to the flat, only one person came, one of the members of the old Gibraltar branch that we meet with often. So... probably not needed to use the members apartment. They did leave us very handy sticky notes all over their apartment telling us what to use and where everything was. So good, so good. We decided as we left the apartment to leave handy sticky notes all around their apartment, so hopefully they appreciated that. =).

Also, big news! Our mission will be getting ipads in May. we will all travel to Sevilla to hear from a couple of seventies who will instruct us on what it means to have the ipads and what we are supposed to do with them. It´s going to change a lot of things about missionary work. It is going to make things a lot more efficient and we are really, really excited about it.

Anyhow, I love being a missionary here. It has been just a great week, and we are really excited to keep it up this next transfer. We´re praying to see even more miracles. We can´t wait. I´m really, really grateful for this opportunity to be here in La Línea. It´s a fantastic city and we are going to be seeing some amazing things in these next couple of weeks.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all of the emails and all that you do. I love you all so much. Be safe and have a fantastic week, and never forget that it is a great day to be a missionary!

Elder Weenig

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