Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tickets, ipads, and Fuengirola

Happy Birthday, Tyler! The big 21. I hope it rocked. 

So there´s a theory, made by missionaries and tested by missionaries, that time speeds up during two days: Mother´s Day and Christmas. Usually just during a forty five minute time period when they are talking with their families. So good to talk to you all. Even though it really only felt like a couple of minutes, it was the highlight of my week.

The office. So this last week, Elder Weenig learned a lot about how to buy tickets to get all of the missionaries to their zone meetings. He also learned what happens when he accidentally buys tickets for the wrong day, or to the wrong place, or for the wrong person, or how to change them when suddenly things change. Yikes. It is a work in progress. It´s fun though, in its way. There is so much to learn. With my office trainer going home after this transfer, I will be the only secretary, I have got to learn a lot now or I might need to call the United States to ask for his help. I have learned a lot of vocabulary that I know that I definitely would not have if I was not working in the office. We also have a car. Which changes everything. For example, do you remember when I told you I would be going to drivers ed in Spain? We have been practicing to get our licenses this last week. Interestingly enough, even after about nine months of barely even being inside of a car, I managed pretty well. Going around European roundabouts, working with different traffic laws. I thought I was doing pretty well. At least until the door of our garage closed on us while we were passing through. But nobody got hurt and that´s what counts right? 

Really, though, it´s been fun. It´s a unique experience, because we always get calls from all over the mission. Soon the ipads will get there and we are going to be working on distributing them throughout the mission. It´s going to be a very cool experience. I´m excited to see how the ipads are going to change our mission. They are supposed to arrive soon, with the date accompanied by a plus or minus symbol. So we don´t know. We actually did get one ipad and it was really funny. All of the mission staff were sitting in one room when we heard the doorbell ring. President and Hermana Deere went to get the door and they came back with a dolly. On the dolly was ipad box. (notice the use of the singular). Yes. Exactly ONE ipad was delivered to our mission. it was given to some elders in Malaga to try and test it out and see how it worked. 

This week has flown by. The time just seems to fly, I can´t believe it. I´m starting to really get what it means to make the most out of every moment. Especially out here on the mission. There is so much to do! So much. We have so little time to do it. So what that means for us is to always be doing our best. One thing that I´m learning is time management. President Deere taught us in Leadership Council this last week about how to have vision. Vision for our future. I really am starting to recognize that I need to start building that vision. What better place to do that than the mission. I am so very blessed to be here in Spain. This mission is perfect for me. It´s taught me so much about myself and how much I need to grow. I´m very grateful. Fuengirola is beautiful. It´s right next to the beach, which is like the rest of my areas, and it has some beautiful views of the country. I love it here. So thank you. Thanks for all of the support that you give me and for all that you do. I love you all.

It's a great day to be a missionary.

Elder Weenig

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