Sunday, May 31, 2015

So Little Time

This last week has been one of the busiest of my mission. Really, just absolutely nuts. 

Transfers started at the end of last week. Which is a huge process for planning, buying, and sending tickets to missionaries who will travel throughout the mission. Which is hard enough, but then as we were just about to finish off buying all of the tickets, our credit card that we use for travel stopped working. Perfect timing, right? Anyway, we eventually found alternative routes of getting people where they needed to go. Everyone arrived to their area all right.

Right after transfers, Elder Fife and I hopped in a car and drove to Sevilla and Cádiz, which are the two main hubs for missionaries in the west side of our mission to deliver ipads.  It was really fun to go out and see all of the missionaries that serve there. It was a long drive. We´re both really tired today, which is why we have enjoyed a very relaxed pday. 

We got to visit one of the greatest landmarks in our mission again while we were there: the Sevilla Costco is one of the greatest blessings ever to visit the Spain Málaga Mission. We picked up some missionaries and stopped by the food court to have some pizza. 

Great news, I spoke with the missionaries serving in La Linea and they informed me that Antonio is preparing to receive the priesthood.

I think that the biggest thing that I have learned this last week is about time. How little time we have to do all we need to. My companion and I have been talking about this a lot. There is a lot of things that we need to do, besides just normal proselyting, we have got to get a lot of things done for the office as well. There are so many great examples of people out in the world who have the capability to balance work, friends, family, and church. They do it amazingly. We just have to be genuinely concerned about doing our best in each aspect of our lives. If we are really concerned about reaching our potential, God will provide a way to do so.

It´s been an interesting experience being in the office. I love being able to see so many missionaries. It´s a stark contrast from a few weeks ago in La Línea where we only saw other missionaries about once or twice a week. It´s a great learning experience. We are working our hardest to be able to get out and work as missionaries during the evening. 

Anyway, thanks for everything, for your support and for your love. You all are the best, and I miss you a lot. I´m super grateful for the opportunity to work here, and to be a missionary. It means a lot to me. Because it´s always a great day to be a missionary.

Elder Weenig

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