Monday, July 20, 2015

Baptism and Go Karts

This last week was AWESOME. Crazy, tiring, but awesome. 

So to pick up where we left off last week, Manolo was baptized. He is AWESOME. Really, just incredibly prepared. Our bishop baptized him. The fact that he was born in La Línea... just makes it about ten times better. What a fantastic day to be a missionary :)

This morning was one of the funnest in my mission. We went go karting with President Andersen and his son. It was really fun, the go karts went pretty fast. Well, fast enough for me to spin out and get my kart covered in mud. Pretty fun.

This last week has been just about a perfect balance of proselyting and working in the office. I mean, in the office, we have a lot of stuff to do and some days it feels like we will never get done. But things generally turn out. I really am amazed every day that goes by at how well things function, especially when you think that we are two 19 year olds working to make a mission function. We see little miracles everyday. Like when I accidentally threw away our ticket to get out of a parking garage and was later able to find it without a problem. Also, a representative came down from Madrid to talk residency. I know this probably will mean absolutely nothing to most people, but they are going to give first year residency cards to missionaries in the MTC!! This is HUGE. It just makes my job about a hundred times easier. Interestingly enough, he also asked me to bring up with our mission president the idea of splitting my job into two. Basically, we are going to be seeing a lot of changes in the office pretty soon. 

This last week was pretty big for the mission. We had our first leadership council with President Andersen, which is basically when the leaders of the mission come together to talk about the state of the mission and such. It was a really cool. President Andersen focused on letting us decide what we wanted to share with other missionaries, rather than giving us a direct concept to teach to others, he let us talk about it. We talked about having difficult areas, and the attitudes that the mission has towards difficult areas, and for me, that was something that really hit me hard. In La Línea, I had many people tell us that we wouldn´t see very much success, because we were opening the area from scratch. But we ended up seeing huge miracles there. The same with the Office, I had a lot of people telling me when I got called here that ´Office Elders never baptize´. It´s really taught me a key principle: that we control our circumstances, not the expectations of others. That really applies to every aspect of our lives. We don´t have to let the circumstances that we are placed in decide how we will react, or the success that we will have. It´s a really cool concept. It reminds me of the scripture that ´with Christ I can do all things´. And on my mission I have been able to see that. We really do absolutely nothing, but with Christ, we are able to do whatever thing that we need to. It doesn´t matter about preconceived ideas or the attitudes of other people, we really can conquer anything so long as we try to do it to the best of our ability.

It really is a great day to be a missionary.

Love you,

Elder Weenig
Manolo's baptism
We went go karting this morning and we were asked to wear hair nets
before we put on our helmets.... So here we are. All ready to go go

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