Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Alma 37:37

This last week we challenged a less active member to memorize Alma 37:37. The purpose? To get him to really ponder and think about the importance of prayer, and hopefully to get him to come to church. The result? Well, he somehow switched the scriptures and memorized Alma 37:27 and didn't come to church. But the result for me this last week was actually pretty big. I really like that scripture. "Counsel with the Lord in all of thy doings." It's a really good phrase and advice for missionary work. We need to be constantly talking with the Lord about what we are going to do, what to say, etc. That's been our focus this last week. We have been trying our hardest to get a lot of appointments with less active members, and investigators We have actually seen a lot of success in that respect. There are obviously a lot of people who decide not to accept the invitation to learn more. But we've been able to see a lot of miracles this last week. For example, we found a young couple in the street, and started to talk to them. They are actually very believing, and have a decent amount of interest, with the exception of them having their own church. Anyway, the miracle here, is not just in finding them. When we spoke with them on the street we set an appointment for the following Tuesday. So Tuesday morning, we get a phone call from the girl. She tells us to come a little bit later so that she can be there. You might be asking, "Where is the miracle in this?" Anyone who has served a mission will tell you time and time again, that the fact that somebody called is a miracle. It's such a rare occurrence, that I would definitely consider it as a miracle. The appointment turned out very well. They have potential. We just have to get them reading the Book of Mormon.

Mari. Yes, she is getting baptized this Saturday. Despite a lot of health challenges, she finally was able to make it to church. She is great. A real trooper. She has had so many health issues while we have taught her that our teaching rooms have varied from her living room to the hospital close to her home. But she has been reading the Book of Mormon and loves what she reads. She really has felt the spirit. I guess the key would have to be the members here. A member has offered to help her out with some difficulties that she is having. Like I've said, the members here in Elche are fantastic. I really feel very blessed to get to work here.
The work is going well. We are seeing progress in our area. Little by little we are seeing miracles by consulting with the Lord in all of our doings. Because we really need that help. So, little by little, we will make it a great day to be a missionary.

Elder Weenig
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