Sunday, June 7, 2015

Benalmádena and Sushi

This last week was great.

So to give you a brief overview of what the general office day looks like, I will show you what it means to work as an oficinista.

Normally, we get up, exercise, and get ready and head over to the office. We work there in a nice, air conditioned unit, for the morning and into the afternoon, and at two o clock, we go to lunch and studies. We study until about five o clock and then we go out to proselyte. We´re really trying to push this schedule to work consistently so that we can transform our area. The area in which we are working, we are restarting. So it´s a great opportunity to grow. It reminds me a lot of the situation that we were in in La Línea. It´s not a very easy start, but we´re seeing a lot of miracles. 

I think that the biggest miracle that we saw this week happened with a woman named Eva. As the office missionaries, we attend the international English branch. We were sitting there in Gospel principles class when a Norwegian lady walked in. She looked a little confused, but quickly introduced herself as Eva. She had met a couple of sister missionaries on her way back from Salt Lake City. She had been there for a conference, and loved Utah. She felt like the people there were some of the best that she had ever known. She loved the way they acted towards her, and had really felt something important while she was there. She felt like someone had guided her to Utah. So when she got back to Benalmádena (which is where she lives), she decided that rather than going to the beach on Sunday, she was going to go to church. When she came, she had an incredible experience. She told us that she loved it and was very willing to listen. We told her that we would stop by on Thursday. Wednesday night came around, and Elder Fife and I still did not have anyone with whom we could visit her. It´s a rule as missionaries that we can´t visit single women unless there is another male present. That night, we were talking with President Deere. When we told him that we did not have anyone with whom we could visit her, he volunteered to come along and that he would bring Hermana Deere. It was very cool. It´s not very often that we get to teach with our mission president and wife. They teach very well. We talked about baptism with Eva, and she told us that she would need time, but she really wants to know.

After the lesson, President and Hermana Deere took us out for Sushi. It was my first time ever having Sushi, and really, it wasn´t until we were there that I realized that I am completely incompetent at using chopsticks. Fortunately, the Deeres were nice enough to help me figure out how to use them to eat sushi. It was really good, super good.

Anyway, this week has taught me a lot about how much God is able to help us. In the office, we have almost no time to proselyte. But fortunately, we have the power of God on our side who really is willing to help us see miracles, but we have to be willing to put forth the effort. We really are so fortunate. We have seen so many blessings here, and I can´t wait to see what else we will experience. Because, it really is a great day to be a missionary.

I love you all,
Elder Weenig
Castillo de Benalmadena. Benalmadena is our area

Sushi with President and Hermana Deere

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