Monday, February 8, 2016

On the Road Again

Alright, so once again, we are on the road to the leadership council, so I'm not sure how long this will be.

So today, I think I will just give you a rundown on the people. Starting off with my new companion, his name is Elder Ylimaula, from Helsinki, Finland. He's great, he served in the Finnish military before the mission and is a really hard worker. We have been working hard and are hoping to see some miracles soon.

Second, Lili and Rosemary. These two are fantastic. We found Lili almost by accident, knocking on a door that was supposed to belong to another contact. But she has been very receptive and has been coming to church these last few weeks. She is an incredible artist. She draws things that literally could be photographs. Very impressive. Rosemary is her little sister who loves to sing and listen to the piano. After church, we played songs for them on the piano.

Third, Brenda. She is the friend of Jhizel who came to her baptism and offered the sister missionaries some cigarettes. We had a really good lesson with her a couple of days ago where she committed to baptism. She has changed a lot, and Jhizel is one of the main reasons for that change. Brenda has noticed the change in Jhizel and wants the same sort of change in her life. She's progressing really well.

Fourth, Nano and Eva. Two nine year old twins that we have been working to get baptized. Their parents have been less active for a time, and when we brought up baptism, the parents set the date to be the 14 of August (the twins' birthday). They wanted it to be a special day that they would always remember, so they set that date. We wanted it to be closer, so we decided to try and set another day that was closer. So what day do we choose? Valentine's Day. Seems right, right? The day of love to show our love to God. Anyway, we presented it to the parents and they were ecstatic. Then, their faces dropped. They said that was their weekend to go to Benalmadena (city next to Fuengirola). So they smiled and said, "Well, that's alright. They will just have to get baptized on their birthday". Oh well. We tried. But who knows? April Fools day is pretty special as well.:)

Fifth, José Juan. He is doing well. We talked about his baptism, and he mentioned that he was feeling good. He is still waiting for an answer. Sandra leaves for Chile in a month, so we are hoping that he gets an answer so that she can be here for the baptism.

It's been a really great week. The area is going very well and I feel very lucky to be able to stay here for another transfer.

It's a great day to be a missionary!

Love you all,
Elder Weenig

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