Monday, February 29, 2016

Quentar and Andalucia

Okay, so I think I should correct a major error from my last email. Last week was not Andalusia day. Yesterday was. For some reason, I had completely misunderstood exactly when the day was going to be. Anyway, happy Andalusia day everyone.

Also, I have to apologize again, but we are on our way to a leadership council again, and we have very limited time. So I think I will highlight some of the best parts about our week:

Lili. She is fantastic. Even though she doesn't like Relief Society. She tells us that it is boring, but that she enjoys everything else. We're not entirely sure what exactly is holding her back from being baptized, but we are constantly praying and talking about ways for her to possibly get baptized. She comes to church as consistently as a member.

We had a fantastic lesson with this investigator named Mari. She is a friend of the Bishop and his wife. They invited her to take the lessons from us, and we have been teaching her for a long time. Anyway, we were able to teach them this week, but it turned out the Bishop wasn't home. As missionaries, we aren't allowed to go into a house unless there is a member of our same sex present. Even though the women that were there are some of the best that we know, we couldn't go in. So Mari took us on a tour of their pueblo (Quéntar). She is a history teacher and was able to give a detailed story on the history of her town. I loved it. Apparently Quentar was an old Moorish town that served as a former military base. Really cool.

Well, the week has been really great. I think I will just finish with a thought that the Bishop's wife shared with us. We shared a message about bravery, and while we talked about why we need to be brave. The Bishop's wife told us something that she had learned lately. She told us that "God reserves his toughest soldiers for the toughest battles". It really made a good impression. I think it's a really great philosophy for life. For the times where it gets the most difficult, we think that of it as another battle that we have to overcome. That is why it's a great day to be a missionary.

Love you all,
Elder Weenig

Snow in Granada

Tour of Quentar

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