Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Las Palmeras

Elche is starting to get very hot. Even though it is only May, the heat is starting to build up. It's pretty crazy to be walking around in Elche. If I didn't know any better, I would say that I was on a desert island or somewhere deep in the Amazon, rather than southern Spain. Elche really is a different world.

The members here are awesome. Yesterday the stake president spoke at our ward. He asked all the missionaries to come and stand in front. He talked about how the calling of a missionary is something divinely inspired, and that we should try and work in greater harmony as members and missionaries. It was a really inspiring talk. Even better when the eating appointments sheet for the elders came around completely full. The members really have a huge desire to share the gospel here. It's really amazing to see how much they have become involved. Especially with investigators.

Mari came to church this last week. She came early, because she had mixed up the time, but she came and sat in the chapel until the meeting started. While she was sitting there, many ward members came up and greeted her, and made her feel welcome. It was really incredible. When we got out of ward council(where we were while she was waiting), she told us that she felt at home here, because of all of the people that were so good to her. She is amazing. She has told us a lot about her desire to join the church. She also gave us a lot of potatoes yesterday after our appointment with her, and we aren't really sure what to do with them. Maybe this will be my chance to develop a very dormant culinary skill and make some mashed potatoes. Anyway, she is progressing really well.

Generally though, the area is improving a lot. We are seeing a lot of growth and a lot of little miracles: Random people on the street that accept an invitation for us to visit them just because they see the name 'Jesus Christ' on our name tags. The copy lady that accepted the baptismal invitation after we had just printed out some copies of teaching records.

There are so many people here. The area, in general,is small, in distance. (Although it has grown a little because of an area that the Sisters have given to us because of it being dangerous). But despite its size, I know that there are a lot of people to be taught. Despite the many, many rejections that we get every day, it makes me think that really, the important thing is to do our part. If we are striving our best to 'call people to repentance' that is really the only job that we have. (Although we still have yet to get on a wall and pull a Dan Jones. See page one of PMG).

Good news from Granada! Jhizel says that she is going to be putting in her mission papers in September! Please keep her in your prayers. She is working hard to be able to go on as soon as she can. I believe the bishop and her are working together to be able to get her out at exactly a year mark from her baptism. I will definitely want to be there to go through the temple with her, and hopefully other new converts.

To refer to the title today, Las Palmeras, it means 'The Palm Trees'. Which is a pretty good sum up of Elche. The entire city is covered in Palm trees. It really is the best. I enjoy serving here.

It really is a great day to be a missionary,

Elder Weenig

This is Paella that some members made us. Delicious, especially when you make it above a fire.

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