Monday, May 9, 2016

Week One in Elche

It's been a really good week. The best thing ever was to get to speak to you all yesterday.

We actually got to go back to Alicante on Friday. The zone meetings are held there and it was cool to go back and see my old chapel. It was my first time back there since I served there at the beginning of my mission.

This last week in Elche went by really fast. We have been focusing a lot on finding and have seen a lot of success. We were able to find a family just by knocking on a door. We also found a cool new lady from England who really likes Mormons. Best of all, we found a lady, Mari, that is willing to be baptized. We found Mari while contacting in the street. When we talked to her, she told us that she had always seen Mormon missionaries, but had never been stopped by them before. We went to her house on Saturday with our ward mission leader and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. Keep her in your prayers. She has a lot of desires to find out more about the church, and to really be sure about her decision to be baptized. But the great thing about it is that she has decided to meet with us three times a week, which should help her out a lot on her decision.

Elche is a large ward, and we are working a lot with members here. We really are seeing a lot of blessings.  We are working really hard and the ward is giving us a lot of support.

I'm sorry this is really short. I love you all.

It's a great day to be a missionary.

Elder Weenig

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